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If you see anything you like please let us know we will be adding lots of items to the site in the coming weeks

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Deadwrench.com

  1. In the 1 picture of the Reo cab, there looks to be a ’41-’42 Ford coupe in the background. I was wondering if that was for sale. Thank you.

  2. I was referred to you by Dan Griffin, Fayetteville, AR. I am looking for the following items. Please let me know if you can help me in my search 🙂

    54 Chevy pick up bed
    5 window cab in decent condition
    32 chevy left front fender, front splash apron
    flat head ford 49-53 or merc.


    • the only decent 5 window cab we have rite now,is a 48-53,i don’t even have any 54 stuff at the moment.on the 32 parts is that car or pu?????????? the only 8ba flathead I have rite now belongs to a buddy of mine,it runs and sounds fine,except it has low oil pressure when it warms up,but it should be a good builder,if I remember rite he wants $750 for it. thanks ken

  3. Hi
    I am looking for a full cab for a GMC custom deluxe 30. single cab dump truck
    The truck is an 1984 and has a floor shifter
    Prefer rust free
    I can come pick up

    • tony-the only thing we have rite at the moment is a 86-7-8- don’t remember for sure what it is,should be a decent cab,except the thieves got into it and destroyed the dash,it is an auto trk,but all your petels and so forth should go rite into it.can send pics if you like. thanks ken

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