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51-53 GMC 5 window cab $450 obo SOLD!!

Top has some damage, cab corners need work and kick panels need some work.

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19 thoughts on “51-53 GMC 5 window cab $450 obo SOLD!!

  1. Hey,
    Mike Smith here, i bought the chevy cab from you couple months ago in Huntington wv. have you by chance found a cab with title for me? Thanks!!

    1. mike-we picked up a gmc 5 window cab the other day,but no title with it,its 51-53,it just got put on web-site a day or so ago,not the best,but not the worst either. thanks ken

    1. ———

  2. will buy who send money to

    1. are you going to come and pick it up and when??????????????????? thanks ken

  3. Looking for a 5 window Chevy cab… 941-757-6253 … If u have one please call me… Thank you

    1. will give you a call,later today. thanks ken

  4. Looking for a 47-53 Chevy cab with title. Also approximate cost of freight to southern California if its not local to me. Thanks in advance

    1. we are in the middle of Kansas.send me an e-mail to thanks ken

  5. need front channel for inside of door for widow on drivers side 49 chevy pickup. Also front bumper mounts for 77 Ford highboy.

    1. scott-will do some checking to see if we have anything that is usable on the 49 chev pu door.that is without the vent,rite??????????????? don’t have the frt bumper brackets

      1. scott-sorry cant help on these parts…. thanks ken

  6. Is this cab still for sale? I am looking for a late 40s to early 50s chevy 5 window, if you have any please let me know.

    1. yes this cab is still here.there are 3-4 on the web-site.let us know if you need more info or pics. thanks ken

  7. hi my names ronnie I’m looking for. 47-53 truck cab and front clip for Father’s retirement gift ready to by please email me

    1. Ronnie-we have several cabs that would fit the bill,probly the best one rite now is the 51-53 that you looked at.the only frt clips we have rite are for big trucks.let us know,and where you are,if you need shipping,or if you want to pick it up.we are in dhase,kansas 67524,rite about in the middle of the state. thanks ken

  8. Is this cab still available? Can you call me 9377079638 looking to buy a better repairable than what I have. Thanks Josh

    1. josh-yes its still here. thanks ken

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