9 thoughts on “65 C60 Chevy front clip SOLD!!

  1. Hi , are you selling any parts off the cab and front clip from this black truck ? I Need doors and the hood. Thanks,Jon

    • I don’t want to part the cab out,it will sell complete.i have to go look some parts tomarrow,there is some doors there,but don’t know what year yet,he just keeps saying 61-66,as you know there is a difference in the doors.i have another hood lised on here for the chev pu.unless you just want a black hood.we mite just sell the hood off of the frt clip. thanks ken

    • adam-sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner,but we were gone to the kkoa leadsled show in salina,ks this weekend.we are in the middle of Kansas 67524 a little town of 400 people called chase.we are looking at $500 for the frt clip. thanks ken

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