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Parting out a 1956 Cadillac

We just got this 1956 Cadillac 4 Door for parts. Comment with your needs.

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25 thoughts on “Parting out a 1956 Cadillac

  1. how much for the bumper and grill off the 56 cadillac

    1. We are asking $750 for the front bumper assy. and the grill. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Shawn.

      1. Windshield in good shape? Antenna?

        1. Sorry, Our windshield is no good and our antenna is already gone.

  2. I am interested them
    Where are you located?
    I am in Oshawa Ont.

    1. We are located in Lyons Kansas.

      1. Looking for windshield and antenna

        1. Hello, sorry our windshield is bad and the antenna is gone. Thank you for checking with us. Shawn

    2. We can ship

  3. Do you ship to Canada and could I get some closeups of it and what is the rear bumper like?

    1. Yes we would ship to Canada and yes I can get you some better pics. The rear bumper is not available. Can you give me an email address to send the pics to? Thanks, Shawn

  4. Hey any chance you still have this caddy. I have a 54 and I’m looking for some parts should be pretty interchangeable.
    -door panels with power windows with the switches
    -gear selector knob
    -glass jar windshieldwasher fluid reservoir
    -intake manifold in good shape no cracked flanges

    1. Hello, yes we do still have this ours is a 4 door hard top. Which door panels are you looking for? and what condition are you looking for? I will have to look at the intake manifold and make sure it is good. Not sure on the gear selector knob and I know I don’t have the glass jar for the windshield washer fluid. I will check the interchange and get back to you. Thank You, Shawn.

  5. Sorry posted the wrong thing. I still need to know how much for the parts will be shipped to me with shipping

    1. Garry we checked our door panels and they are junk also the gear selector knob is missing. We have the manifold but according to our books it is 56 only but I can send you pics if you want them. Let me know. Thank You, Shawn.

  6. Would you sell just the bumper ends (the two corners with the bullets)? If so how much?

    1. no sir,both ends of the car are gone. thanks

  7. How about the washer switch?

    1. will look and let you know.

      1. Thanks very much. Mine is missing the center button for the squirter.

  8. Looking for front windshield and antenna. Shape? Price?

      1. We have a used windshield for $30, you would have to pick up in KC

        1. …….

  9. I am looking for the Brake line brackets on the front frame rails where the hoses go to the wheel cylinders. and the whole bracket and arm assembly between the booster and the brake pedal assembly. Plus we are missing the shift eyelet on the bottom of the column where the linkage attaches. Condition of the 4 Door Handles? At least restorable not pitted? Also need the vents that attach behind kick panels that lead to front door vents.

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