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69 Camero 250 6 cyl. motor

This motor has 70,000 miles on it.

40 lbs cold o/p

20-25lbs hot o/p

1-130                  4-130

2-130                  5-140

3-140                  6-130

Needs carb work (bad), starter drive (bad), and a harmonic balancer (it is chipped and wobbles when running).

002 004 003 001

4 thoughts on “69 Camero 250 6 cyl. motor

  1. How much for the ’69 chevy 250 engine and where is it located? (City, State)

    1. larry-the motor is $500 plus shipping.we are in chase,kansas 67524 thanks ken

  2. Ok,

    Thanks. Trying to find something I can pick up locally (and on the cheap) first. I will keep y’all in mind though.

    Larry W.

    1. larry-thats understandable.if you don’t find anything,just let us can e-mail us at thanks ken

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