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61 B series IHC cab $750

Decent cab and front clip, has some rust and dent issues. Left front floor has been repaired, some rust in right front floor boards. Has some roof problems, (most likely someone sat on it, waiting on combine during harvest) see pics. Complete with front clip $750 plus freight, cab only, $450 plus freight

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3 thoughts on “61 B series IHC cab $750

  1. Hi,Ken! Bill Hickey,here! That’s a Great Price for that cab and front clip! do you mind if I “Post’ this Ad.,on “old IHC”? I SOLD that truck I got from STL,to the guy that brought me my ’72 Travelall! He was asking $850,but when I went 75 miles to see it,he didn’t have it running. There was a break in one of the ignition switch wires. By the time I got home,he had a Video,of it running! Before I left,we agreed on $900.00-delivered! I replaced ALl of the front lines,and re-built the front brakes. I bought a new drum-drum M.C.,since the P.O. had a disc/drum M.C. on it! “Junkyard Find”! The oil pressure gauge was broke off at the gauge,so I installed a Brand-New Sun unit. It registered ZERO!! I noticed that the truck was intended,and used as a “mud-runner” NO Evidence of an air breather! i figured that the engine was History. Chris,the Trav’ll owner),started looking it over,and claimed that it was “Cute”. I KNEW I got a STEAL on that Travelall,so when he offered $500,I let him have it for $400! What I saved from having to stretch the frame on that 1100,It was worth it! It’s heavy-duty 3/4-ton,maybe a tonner! I’m planning on putting that ’48 KB5 body and front clip on the Travelall frame! That body has NO RUST,(Like the KB-3,,(except above the windshield,Damned Mice),and only one ding-above the rear window. My friend’s got a ’74 Dodge D-300,with dual “Budd” wheels! Yep-’48 KB-5 1-Ton 4X4 “Dually! I might even use the 2-ton’s box and hoist,since it’s 12 feet! It will go NICELY with the KB-3!! If you’re interested in the Travelall body,(Grill-to Tail-gate),Come and get it! Same goes with the KB-5 “Rolling Frame”. FREE FOR YOU GUYS!! I have a video with all of the trucks on “Facebook”,in the “IHC Trader” Forum.. Happy Holidays!

    1. bill-sounds like you have been busy,so much for retirement.ya rite.if you want to post the cab and clip on there go rite ahead.we have another cab and frrt clip,its an a-series,looks like the b,but has single headlites also,just haven’t had time to get it on here. anyway good to hear for you and keep up the good to you later. thanks ken

  2. Up-Date…Chris installed a different carburetor,(on that “Stubby 1100”),and sent me a video,of it driving around his farmyard,Pushing his parts trailer! He thanked me for the “Front Brake” job! (Mud runners have Reese hitches on both ends).He installed a different gauge,and the 345 has 45 P.S.I.,Warm!! Now Nobody got Hurt! LOVE IT!!

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