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48-50 dodge cab- $450 cab, $150 seat plus freight

Pretty nice cab, haven’t seen any rust but there might be some. This is a 5 window cab. $450 plus freight, has a nice seat (will sell separately if someone wants it) $150 plus freight

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10 thoughts on “48-50 dodge cab- $450 cab, $150 seat plus freight

  1. Is the cab still available? How about all of the gauges, switches and door handles?

    1. Michael-yes the cab is still for sale,yes all the parts are still on the inside,except fpr the seat,it is still for sale also,i have 2 other people that we priced it to,but haven’t heard back yet. thanks ken

      1. If possible would you be willing to sell just the gauges, switches, and door handles?

        1. id rather not strip the cab,we sell complete cabs. we will get you a frt quote on the upper grill chrome,becky will probly send it from our e-mail thanks ken

          1. I kinda figured that. It doesn’t hurt to ask though.

          2. Michael-becky sent you a frt quote to your e-mail. thanks ken

  2. Hi, I’m interested in several items you have for sale. Will you please give me a call or send a number I can contact you at? I’m in Wichita.


    1. rick-we are in chase,ks about 100 miles from number is 1-620-904-7096,or e-mail would be better for me,i just got this new phone and I have trouble hearing on it real well.or send to e-mail thanks ken

  3. This cab has been listed for a while, is it still available? getting my taxes done and looking for a project.

    1. yes its still here.we are in the middle of Kansas can call me if you like 1-620-904-7096 thanks ken

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