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8 BA Flathead SOLD!!!!

This is out of a 48 F-6 truck. Was an authorized factory rebuilt at one time. Runs and sounds good.

1-130                    5-130

2-130                    6-130

3-120                    7-120

4-130                    8-130

30-35lbs hot o/p 20 lbs warm

3 thoughts on “8 BA Flathead SOLD!!!!

  1. How much are you asking for the running 8BA, including shipping to Groves, Tx.77619?

    1. bobby-the motor is $1000.00 and the frt co have gone stupid on there frt,it will probly be from$ you mite save money coming to pick it up. thanks ken

  2. Thanks for the info,Ken. It’s still too early for me to be buying a motor but, I’ll keep it in mind. I probably will not be in need till next year but I’m already looking around.

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