11 thoughts on “47-50 5 window, rough. $400 SOLD!

        • ok,how long is going to take for the payments???????????what else do you want to look at for pics????? we can get them for you.trk frt will be anywhere from $400 to $500,the frt co have gone stupid on there frt charges.i have a buddy that comes to texas,from time to time,most likely could get him do haul it.where are you located at?????????????????????? your profile shows two different towns. thanks ken

          • Maybe four payments for the 275. I also wanted to ask is the cab for a 3100. As for pictures I was to see a full shot of the front side with the firewall. Maybe some of the inside of the cab. Both sides of the cab and if possible a picture of the inner panel of the door. I also wanted to know where do I send payments too.

          • are you located around Houston???????????? we can make payments work.will try my best to get backy to get pics tomorrow,will be coming from oldiesparts.i will talk to shawn to see what he needs to haul it down there.no the cab is off a big trk,but they are all the same.if we get it all worked out,then we will worry about where to send payments. thanks ken

          • The address I send I. The message before the one you responded too is where I would want it shipped too. It is my storage where I am building the truck at.

      • Ok let me know if I have to I will just drive up there and pick it up. But I wait and see what your friend says. I could send some money now. I have a 100 or maybe even 150 I could send now

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