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47-53 chevy-$550 obo











18 thoughts on “47-53 chevy-$550 obo

  1. Looking for 51-53 cab

    1. we have several of them,will send some pics on Monday if you need some more,just let us know,all the cabs we have at the moment are on the web-site.are you wanting 3 or 5 window????????????? thanks ken

  2. I am looking for a 51 cab – 3 window. Send me pics and cost.


    1. james-we will get you some pics later in the week,becky wont be back till Friday,will get them to you then. thanks ken

  3. Looking for a 47-53 3 window Chevy pick up

    1. are you looking for a cab or a complete pickup?????????????????? thanks ken

  4. Depends on the cost.
    Could use the whole truck

    1. don’t have anything complete.have a really decent 52 gmc cab,that we just got in.same cab as chev,just need to change the piece on the dash to make it a chev.can send you some pics if you like. thanks ken

      1. I need a 53 Cab, 3 or 5 window.For a chevy.Guess gmc will eork also right?Can you send pics price and shipping to Atlanta. Thanks.Jaco

        1. sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner,but my internet has been down since fri nite when the storms went thru.we will get you some pics on Friday when becky gets here. will need some more info for you have a forklift to get it off the trk,is it going to a business or ressi address??????? also need you zip. thanks ken

  5. Do you have any long beds?

    1. no sir,we do not thanks ken

  6. need a 47-53 gmc cab. don’t give a flying flip about 3 or 5 window. I just want “rust free” haha like everyone else. zip is 15370

    1. chev and gmc cabs are all the same in those years.all that we have rite now is on the web-site.if you want more picd of a cab just let us know and we will get them for you. thanks ken

  7. Hello
    looking for a 52 chev cab in decent condition Got anything?
    I have all the parts on my cab but its to far gone with rust to repair

    1. we don’t have any decent cabs left. thanks ken

  8. Need a decent 53 cab doesn’t matter three or five window Chevy or gmc and shipping to Rolfe is 50581 have a lift and it’s a farm address

    1. we don’t have any decent cabs left.all we have are very rusty. thanks ken

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