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31 Hudson coupe $1800 SOLD!!!!

Looks like an old hotrod, someone tried to make a gasser out of it. It will roll, tires don’t hold air long. Do not have the left door as of yet. Has wide 5 frt axle and 46-48 rear end, no spring on rear. Good project or parts for another.









4 thoughts on “31 Hudson coupe $1800 SOLD!!!!

  1. You say no driver door as of yet, does this mean you know where it is and you think you will be getting it, or you know of one or what? I really like the car but I would REALLY like to have it with the other door as I am sure you understand LOL! Thanks, Jim

    1. jim,we are looking for a door,havent found one yet,had some leads,but nothing came from them,but we are still looking. thanks ken

  2. What is your bottom dollar as is without the drivers door?

    1. what are you thinking??????????? send us an e-mail to thanks ken

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