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  1. I am looking for a cab for a project. 50’s international or ford I came across your site. I was wondering where you are located and what are the prices on the cabs?


  2. Looking for a set of 4 front leaf spring hangers for a 55 chevy truck.
    Also – would you happen to have a title for a 53 Chevy truck?

  3. Looking for a roof/cab back section for a ’65 chevy 1/2 ton, down to the body line
    right below the door handles, and around to/ including upper door frame (top and back side). $ and avail/shipping?

  4. Hi. I’m looking for a solid chevy truck cab for a 1950 project I’m working on. Do you have anything available? Thank you, John

    • john-everything I have needs some repair,check the web-site and tell me which one you like and we can get you some more pics of it and the bad spots,i will go and lok at them tomarrow and get back to you with which ones are the better ones. thanks ken

      • john-rite at this moment we don’t have a 47-50 cab,every thing we have is 51 up.im trying to get a guy to send me some pics of a 50 gmc,but ive been 3 weeks trying to get some.im trying to not to have to drive 100 miles to look at it before I see some pics.

  5. Hey Pal Doug up here in Lincoln I’m still in the market for a set of 19.5 inch wheels /tires if possible must be 5 lugs on 8 inch let me know if you can help 402 474 2344 Doug

    • doug-shawn hasn’t hd time to call you yet on the wheels.are these for a 1 1/2 ford or dodge?????? this is ken the other half of deadwrench.let us know for sure. thanks ken

  6. Hello,Ken,and Shawn! Just checkin’ in with you! I have the brakes working on the KB3 now! All it needed was front flex hoses,and a new master cylinder. Changed it over to 12 Volt,and it REALLY starts right up,now. Waiting for (ethanol-compatible),fuel pump,and “She” ought to be road-worthy! Hoist works GREAT-just needed some more hydraulic fluid to make it raise all the way! The more I work on this truck,the more i LOVE it! Again,THANK-You BOTH!!

    • bill-that’s what we like are happy customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad you like thr trk so much,it is really a good and nice trk. thanks ken

  7. Would you be interested in a Volkswagen pickup,not sure of year. I bought it at auction. 620 393 1399 text or call please git r done

  8. I am looking for a cab for my 59 chevy pickup and a front clip I was wondering if you would have one with doors cause mine are rusted out after it has been sitting for 30 years

  9. hello i was looking for a 47-53 chevrolet truck cab in decent shape. I haven’t been able to find one and i was hoping that maybe you had one or knew where to find one. if you could email any information, pictures, and pricing would be much appreciated.
    thank you for your time. where are you also located at. this would be an urgent need for cab. prefer 5 window but not a must. please let me know

    thank you


  10. Hi Kenny, Hello Becky !
    “Deadwrench” is coming along nicely. We have had decent weather out here in Philadelphia and I have been able to get her outside for sandblasting and the likes. I found a pair of running boards and a gas tank. The 216 runs nicely – no smoke. We learned it was bored .040 over. Things are going well. I have met a few guys in NAPA with these AD trucks. One of them in particular is looking for a solid passenger fender for his 53 – 1/2 ton. Of course I thought of you guys. I’m also looking for a solid but worn out (not pretty) front hood emblem and 8-lug, 19.5″ rims. I can’t find anyone to work on the split 18’s Deadwrench came with. Of course nobody wants to work on anything they cant turn a fast buck on. Please let me know about the rims and fender if you have anything – Best, Joe (Deadwrench East) Happy Thanksgiving Becky – railroad is smokin busy, and our “friends” in Paris did us no service……

  11. Hi there——
    I was steered to your site by a member on a forum I frequent. I clicked on the only item you have that seemed logical for what I wanted ( “log in” ), then tried several “username” ‘s and “password” ‘s, but your site always said there was a problem ( and I was making up some strange combinations, so it seems unlikely that somebody else would have already claimed them ). So, is there a link I can click on to set up a username & password, so I can peruse the stuff you have listed for sale?

    Tim Murphy

    • Tim, you do not have to set up a username to look at our posts. You should just be able to click on the posts link at the top of the page and scroll through all of our posts. The login button you are trying to access is for site maintenance only. there are also Category buttons along the left side also. Thank You for looking.

    • the only tailgates we have are on beds,i don’t want to sell them,off the beds.cant hardly sell a bed without the tailgate. thanksken

  12. I’m looking for a battery tray from 1962 pontiac. Do you still have the tray from this catalina?

  13. I am looking for a set of 16inch rims that are 6 holes and that for chevy pickup and a long bed step side for a chevy pickup 59

  14. I am looking for a set of 16inch rims that are 6 holes and that for chevy pickup and a long bed step side for a chevy pickup 59 and 283 small block complete

  15. I am looking for a wiring harness for a 56-57 era IHC. The insulation does not need to be in good shape as I am just going to use it as a pattern to make me a new one for my 57 IHC. Also do you have any vent windows fo rthe same era of truck? Any help you can give me would be great appreciated. Thx. 🙂

  16. i need a 5 window cab to replace my 1950 chevy one. i dont need doors or glass. but i do need a seat and a complete dash. it dosent mater about dents this is going to be a derelict project. would be nice if i could get one in dark green to match my doors.

    • I will do some looking at what we have and send you what we have.send me youe e-mail and becky can send you some pics on Tuesday. thanks ken

  17. do you have anything in the realm of a 1949 – 51 ford rear end. Its 19 spline 57″ from flange to flange. It can also come out of a station wagon from mercury up to 65


  18. Howdy, I am looking for a 57 GMC 1/2 ton grille as well as the upper brace on the radiator core support. The GMC radiator support is the same for 55.2-57 I think. Any help would be great, Thanks!

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