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  1. do you want the steering wheel or the steering gear??????????? phone number is 1-620-938-2243 is the shop or the house number is 1-620-938-2221 with answering machine,if you don’t get me leave me a message and phone number and I will call you back. thanks ken

  2. Do you have any 1939/40 to 46 chevy truck cabs or kno where i can find some , n also looking for a pair of back fenders for a 36 chevy truck thanks

    • jeff-we have one 41-47 cab rite at the moment,havent looked at it for awhile,will try to get out and look at it tomarrow,its at a buddys house,its suppost to rain turning to freezing drizzle tomarrow,i will do my best to get there before it starts. thanks ken

  3. I’m looking for a tool tray that sits behind the seat on Chevy trucks.
    1940’s-50’s and is connected to the back of the cab above the gas tank. any info would be great.

    • eric-i went and looked today before the damn snow started blowing like hell,non of the cabs I have,had one in it.i have some that came in 48-52 fords,but I don’t know what the chevs looks like.the ford one bolt in above the fuel tank also.i will keep looking and see if I can find one.mite be awhile now,its blowing so hard here that I cant see the coop gas pumps,and they are only 1/8 mile from me. thanks ken

  4. Hi I just found your site I’m a Hot Rod /restoration shop in Lincoln, Neb. and have a lot of old iron as well. Sure like the looks of what you have there I get a group of American car crazy Sweds to visit me twice a year they are hungry for all old salvage yard tours, collections, etc. they are buyers and just love large collections of Americana and would love to stop by your place for a visit /tour and they have cash!Where are you located? call and let me know 402 475 9968

    • It was very interesting to talk to you today. The address for Chuy’s is 209 W. 46th Terrace in Kansas City MO. We are looking forward to meeting you in person and doing business with you. Shawn Wilson

  5. I will be going to Chickasha, OK pre-war swap meet this March and thought I might stop by either on way down or the way back home to Columbia, MO. It is the week of March 16th – will you be around during that time frame? Thanks, Jay

      • I will do that as I get closer to the time of the trip. The swap is Wed. – Thurs. – Fri. of that week, so I would either stop through on Mon. / Tues. time frame before meet or Sat. / Sun. after swap meet. Thanks, look forward to seeing you then. Jay

  6. The more I work on that little KB3,the more I LOVE it! The twin-cylinder 2-stage hoist doesn’t creak,or groan,and operates LIKE NEW!! HAPPIER THAN EVER!! THANKS,AGAIN!!

  7. I’m interested in the pontac 400 and transmission. Could u tell me what it came out of date code numbers on the motor?

  8. 1966 chevy c10 / K10 LWB, Stepside. Looking for most sheetmetal for upcoming restoration. LWB, Stepside bed and cab to start. Do you have anything?

    • Doug, I Know We have a Bed for a LWB Stepside and I will check with my partner in the morning to see if we have a cab. We would like $350 for the bed plus shipping. The bed is in good condition except for the floor will need to be replaced. I have pics i can email or text if you are interested. Thank You, Shawn.

      • doug-the only we have left is the one that is still complete on the web-site ans its pretty rusty.the rocker panels are mostly gone on both sides.i will check with a gut this afternoon and see if he has anything.we had the real nice black one on here,but it went away at the kkoa leadsled show in salina in july. thanks ken

  9. Hey a friend of mine was helping me look for a 168 tooth flywheel for a chevy 235 engine and run across your site. He said you had one and could send a picture also. This engine came out of a 55 chevy. The one you have I’m assuming will run a 11″ clutch? My zip code is 30631 in Crawfordville Ga. If the shipping is not to bad and it is what i need i would love to get it from you. Thanks a lot, Matt

  10. Hi, I’m looking for clutch & brake pedal assembly with mounting brackets, control rods and clutch bellcrank (z bar) for 61 or 62 Chevy full size.

  11. I have that for $175 plus shipping. Which would also include bellcrank mounting bracket that is welded to the frame and if you don’t need that i would do it for $150 plus shipping. You can email me at or call or text me at 620-509-7463. Thank You, Shawn.

  12. I am in search of a 47 – 53 3100 cab.
    Not a complete basket case. I would like one with good floors I could deal with cab corners but if I can find one without having major rust that would be awesome. Any help would be great.
    Tom 239-600-3293

    • tom-the gmc cab is the best of what we have left.i will try to call you tomorrow,if I forget you can call me at 1-620-904-7096. thanks ken

  13. I am in search for 1958-59 mounting brackets for front gille (not the large support piece) just the 2 brackets that allow the grille to be mounted onto the support….thanks

  14. Looking for a 48ish Chevy cab does not have to be good just solid or close in the floor don’t need glass just cab with doors

    • corey-will try to look tomorrow and see what we have left,the good cabs are getting harder and harder to find here in the middle of Kansas.will let you know. thanks ken

      • corey-have 2 cabs left,both have rust in floors,will need patch panels,and of corse the usal rust in cab corners. thanks ken

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